Sites For The Reform Of Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA).

Let's Band together and get this unjust law changed! Over 84,000 career service members have been affected and the numbers are growing by the day. Write your Congressmen and Senators tell them you support H. R. 2537.

American Retirees Association 
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The ARA is recognized, throughout the national community of veterans organizations, as the national leader of the effort to reform the USFSPA.And can be reached at

The American Retirees Association is a California chartered Tax Exempt Corporation #1551226, and was also granted Federal Tax Exemption status ID 33-0246746.

Dues are $25 per year and are tax deductible. If you desire more information, please contact them directly at:

American Retirees Association

PO Box 2333 Redlands,

CA 92373-0781

Telephone: (909) 389-0014

There are thousands of us retired and active duty effected by this crazy upside down law and the divorce rate is increasing at the rate of 600 per month .They need your help and support Join The ARA today .


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